Lockdown Bar and Grill Email Template

Client: Lockdown Bar and Grill
Business Orientation: Food and Beverage, Service
Service: Email Teplate

A new Bar and Grill in Chicago in the West Side of the city.

The Lockdown Bar and Grill is the only bar in Chicago that can guarantee that every second of every day there will be an amazing concert rocking out the joint. How? The Lockdown has dozens of plasma televisions set up throughout the bar playing the best rock concerts ever caught on film to make you feel like you are there live.

This amazing experience is coupled with amazing food, great beer, terrific drink deals, and excellent service so that you can watch Iron Maiden rock Rio while you eat lunch, Metallica perform S&M with the San Francisco Symphony as you party on Friday night, and the Rolling Stones at Wembley as you swear off last nights hangover with a Bloody Mary.

Visit their bars in the Ukrainian Village on Western Avenue and rediscover the best music from the best bands since rock n roll changed music as the Lockdown changes what it means to enjoy great music at a bar.