Capital Junk

Client: Capital Junk
Business Orientation: full-service junk removal
Service: Logo and Corporate identity

Capital Junk is a full-service junk removal company located in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). An eco-friendly rubbish removal business who recycles and donates the items & materials collected.

Their mission is to support the environment and keep as much out of landfills as possible. is a fast, friendly and reliable junk removal service who does all the hauling, loading and disposal of unwanted items from residential and commercial customers.

Target market is males and females ages 35 – 65 living in Ottawa and surrounding area.

Want to be recognized as a reliable, professional company who provides quality service.
We want it to show that our company is highly reputable and that we are eco-friendly too.

Design Solution:
The design solution uses a leaf to give the exact impression that the company is green. In the leaf is a hidden check mark to support the new tag line.

Considering the nature of the business, I used a typeface to emit the impression of friendliness.