Stability Construction & Roofing

Client: Stability Construction
Business Orientation: Construction
Service: Logo

Stability Construction is a roofing, painting and related home construction company. They pride themselves in offering RELIABLE service and workmanship. This really sets Stability Construction apart from the competition because clients can trust that they will arrive when they say they will, and can trust that the work they do is first class. Stability Construction does not compete on price, although are competitive in the market. but compete on our professionalism.

Design Solution:
The idea is to use construction materials as an inspirational icon in the mark. Stacked slabs to create an abstract representation of a hidden letter S and make it look like a an on-going construction to give movement to the icon.

For the roofing, the logo was tilted and the violator color was used at the top to give emphasis to the roofing.

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